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When considering UK property transactions, stamp duty land tax (“SDLT”) can be a very significant cost component - up to 17% where high value residential properties are involved.


Furthermore the SDLT rules have become progressively more complex in recent years, with the introduction of the 3% surcharge on additional residential properties, the 15% flat rate of SDLT for purchases of residential property by companies, and the 2% surcharge for purchases of residential property by non-resident buyers.  


Our experienced team of SDLT advisers can help to guide clients and their solicitors through these complexities whilst negotiating the notoriously broadly drafted SDLT anti-avoidance provisions, and ensure that they pay no more SDLT than they are legally required to.


We have abundant experience in providing detailed SDLT advice and practical guidance to clients and their advisers on complex transactions including multiple completions, multiple purchasers, mixed residential and non-residential purchases, and a variety of substantial residential and commercial lease transactions.


Our work includes ensuring that the purchase is structured in a tax efficient manner so that clients are in the best position to claim any SDLT reliefs or allowances that are available based on their specific circumstances. It also includes providing detailed SDLT advice about a proposed transaction, reviewing draft SDLT returns prepared by the client’s solicitors to ensure they correctly reflect our advice, preparing and submitting any claims that may be required to HMRC, and providing advice about minimising the risk of future SDLT enquiries by HMRC.

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