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Estate planning requires a detailed appreciation of our clients’ financial and personal circumstances. Our emphasis on client relationships places us in a position to provide support in this critical area. Regular reviews of the estate and detailed illustrative calculations of potential liabilities keep our clients aware of opportunities available to them, while our international focus allows us to advise clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions. Regular discussions with the client and the client’s family keep us apprised of their wishes as they develop and enable us to act in their best interests and ensure that their Wills reflect their wishes and are tax efficient.

For UK connected clients, the Inheritance Tax regime provides excellent opportunities to plan estates and protect family wealth through the use of lifetime gifts, trusts, family limited partnerships and family investment companies. Where there is a US angle, we can advise on the interaction between UK Inheritance Tax and US Estate and Gift Tax.

Our partners are also experienced in acting as executors, either through a personal appointment or through the Firm’s trust corporation, and either alone or with family members or lawyers. At a difficult time for the family, our role is to ensure that the estate is administered with efficiency and discretion. With our existing detailed knowledge of our clients’ financial affairs, we are well placed to identify the assets falling within the estate, liquidate them where necessary and distribute the estate to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Will. We have all the necessary experience to deal with the administration of the estate, from the initial application for probate to the final distribution. The close relationships we build up with our clients mean that we can deal effectively with any sensitive family issues that arise.

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