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As a leader in the accountancy world, we are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, and we recognise that we have a social responsibility to our employees, clients, communities and the environment. Some of our community support activities are detailed here.

Pro-bono work

Rawlinson & Hunter typically donates in excess of £200,000 of pro bono services per annum to good causes including charities, education providers and hospitals, while staff and partners also raise tens of thousands of pounds for a variety of good causes. In 2020/21, the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rawlinson & Hunter donated over £200,000 of pro bono services to good causes.

The Blue Marine Foundation is a charity dedicated to cleaning up our oceans and pioneering ways to solve the overfishing crisis. To support Blue Marine Foundation, since 2012 Rawlinson & Hunter has provided over £500,000 of pro bono professional services to the charity.

Support to communities

Rawlinson & Hunter helps to support up-and-coming artists by displaying their works at its London offices, and by holding an annual reception for potential buyers, clients and the artists, who are on-hand to present their works. The artworks are displayed on an ongoing basis across Rawlinson & Hunter's reception area and meeting rooms.


The works are curated by the Ingram Collection, which was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Chris Ingram, and supports emerging artists through its Young Contemporary Talent Programme. Rawlinson & Hunter is delighted to sponsor one of the highlights of this programme – the annual Purchase Prize exhibition.

Supporting local businesses

Rawlinson & Hunter supported local businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, including Lunches2Go and Dilieto, hot food providers in London and Leatherhead. They suffered a devastating downturn in trade due to the absence of office workers.


Rawlinson & Hunter drove new trade their way by providing staff with free meals from these businesses, paid for by the Firm. This initiative was a huge help to takeaway van, Lunches2Go, in particular, by providing small business owner Rik with much needed financial support during this challenging time.

Charitable fundraising

Rawlinson & Hunter staff helped to raise £100,000 for the Blue Marine Foundation environmental protection project when they participated in the charity’s OneTrack1000 event at Battersea Park’s Millennium Arena in London. The event was both carbon neutral and single-plastic free.

Our seven-strong team joined 200 other runners to achieve their shared symbolic goal of running 1,000 miles around the track in support of Blue Marine, which is working in a 1,000 square mile UNESCO Biosphere off the north coast of Devon, helping local fishermen to protect vulnerable marine life.


Rawlinson & Hunter is committed to sustainability and has introduced a number of initiatives across its offices, including:

  • All waste separated and recycled where possible

  • Electricity supplied from renewable sources

  • Motion activated lighting

  • VRF air conditioning incorporating a heat recovery system

  • 100% fresh air system

Paperless working

Working from home has increased the use of online tools and led to a huge reduction in the use of paper: two million fewer sheets were printed during the pandemic, saving 181 trees and reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by almost 20,000kg.


Examples of our other paper saving initiatives include:

  • Paperless audits

  • Online completion of electronic forms

  • Virtual file viewing software

  • Document scanning of all post

  • ‘Follow Me’ printing


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