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We have developed a system which provides individuals and families with bespoke investment reports which consolidate their entire net worth. By creating a central investment record, we can produce a variety of reports including investment value, investment performance, portfolio risk profile, income and expenditure and management accounts.


The system structure incorporates a common core processing engine which is flexible to any investment provider, yet contains precisely designed reporting output. High levels of automation achieved through direct data transfer results in minimal manual input into the reporting, which ensures that data accuracy and integrity are maintained. This also leads to a cost-effective solution for clients using this system. We are perfectly prepared to capture data manually when unavoidable, as we are committed to producing reporting which reflects the entire picture.


The beauty of the service is the flexibility of the reporting. It can consolidate assets in any way that our clients may think about them, whether broken down by family member, entity/trust, investment provider, geographical location or asset class – the options are endless. Reports can be devised so as to look through entities to see underlying assets and split them across asset classes, by currencies or by other criteria. The system can also accommodate income and expenditure reporting, so that family members can track income and expenditure over reporting periods and monitor cash flow against historic levels or against forecasts.


The capabilities of the reporting system are extensive and bespoke, so that clients can cherry pick the reports which are useful to them.  We consider that our independence from the investment process means that we can concentrate on our client’s needs and monitor objectively any investment adviser’s performance.


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